The longest wooden pier in Europe, is not only a hallmark of Sopot, but also a must in every tourist visiting the seaside resort. Be in Sopot and not go to the pier is like to go to Paris and did not see the Eiffel Tower.Dating back to 1827, then completed the construction of the marina with a length of 31.5 meters. For many years he served as the harbor pier and harbor fishing. With time, however, changed his fate and the utility function has a tourist attraction. Over the years the pier has changed not only relevant, but also steadily increased the, first to 150 meters, then to 315 meters in 1928 to achieve a length of 511.5 meters in length. The last expansion over the pier in Sopot in 2011. Was added to the marina for 103 boats.With built yacht marina pier is one of the most important points on the map of Polish sailing. You are here because not only walk, but also leave your boat and go ashore quietly to enjoy the charms of a seaside resort at any time of day or night. Sopot pier in the summer season also serves as the marina, which held regular courses vaporetto, which you can select a trip to Hel peninsula.Every year there are numerous outdoor events such as pole vault competition, cinema under the stars, or live under a cloud. In addition to the cultural values of the Sopot pier also has a spa features. Because the wooden pier extended almost a mile into the Gulf of Gdansk iodine concentration at the end is twice higher than on land. It is also a place of great political events. This is the Sopot pier, Prime Minister Donald Tusk accepted the 2009 Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.It is also the only place on the coast which offers up such a unique view. You can even see the beautiful panorama of not only the characteristic of Sopot, the city architecture of the nineteenth century buildings, but also the most important elements of the Gulf of Gdansk: Westerplatte, Gdynia cliffs, and the Hel peninsula.