Next to the pier, the Spa House and the Center for Haffner, a house with fabulous architecture, is another landmark of the city, which is permanently inscribed in the image of Sopot. Crooked Little House next to impossible to pass by. And no wonder, because there is such a crazy world, the second building. The ranking portal Village of Joy in the strangest structure the world of the 50 candidates Crooked House took the honorable first place. The inspiration for this project were fabulous drawings of Martin and Per Dahlberg Szancer. This unusual structure is not only interesting architecture is drawing attention from tourists. It is also a living round the clock service center - entertainment. The Crooked Little House is home to companies including the financial, healthcare and media. It is therefore suitable for RMF radio MAXXX. Crooked House is also the meeting place at any time of day. With a variety of operating in the interior of firms can spend all day here at all without getting bored. In the morning you can eat breakfast and drink your morning coffee, afternoon, buy a good book and dine in one of the few restaurants in the evening a good time at the club with music presented by the best DJs. Another attraction is the opportunity to see "the walls of famous signatures", which consists of all of their autographs honorary guests an unusual House. Crooked House is located on the most visited street of Sopot: Monte Cassino is also ideal for those who want to grow your business. There is everything a modern business needs: good location, the atmosphere of innovation, and technical capabilities for engaging business meetings and teleconferences.