Aquapark in SopotSopot is a city that encourages water sports throughout the year, as winter moves Sopot beach under a roof aquparku.One of the largest water parks in northern Poland has many attractions, and one of them is unique sauna, which is here several types. One of the most popular is the aromatic sauna. It's a combination of steam and essential oils that have a positive effect on the respiratory system. Especially recommended are the inhalation of lavender, myrrh and eucalyptus, which not only positively affect health, but also allow you to relax and unwind. Sauna allows to not only relax, but also cleansing your body of toxins. It is recommended to use the Finnish sauna in such a way as to present the change in the low, and later at high temperature. For people with hypertension and hypersensitivity of blood vessels is recommended to slightly cooler than a Finnish sauna bath in biosaunie. And for those who want to boost your blood circulation and the immune system is recommended Nordic sauna, or a combination of high temperature on and off for a cold shower.Swimming is not only saunas. It also pools, relaxation rooms, water jets, a professional massage and solarium for people suffering from lack of sunlight. In addition to the standard of swimming pools with whirlpool is also the only one here in Poland, a wild river. The length of the pipe tearing is 71 meters, a height difference reaches 6 meters. It can feel like a real rushing mountain stream.Surprised, however, one who believes that the only water park entertainment in the water. Sopot is a real water park entertainment center, in which the output of the water does not mean the end of things. After the bath, for sure you need to use water that is the bar tender at the swimming pool. After regenerating fast we can go to a bowling alley, where there will also emotions. The final stage of his visit to Sopot Aquapark should be obligatory visit to the club Pick & Roll Club, which is a meeting place for all who come here for water lovers crazy. The club can not only tasty and nutritious lunch, but also to watch live performances of such stars as: Bark Jackowska, Grzegorz Turnau Grzegorz Halama.